University Trading Competition

Dear BXB Community:


We are excited to announce that the BXB First Trading Competition will officially start on November 25th 22:00 (UTC +8).


Competition Duration: 3 weeks. That means the end of the trading competition will be December 16th 21:59:59 (UTC +8).


BXB CEO Live Kickoff Speech will start on November 25th 19:00 (UTC +8). Please join us  through this link : Facebook Live


Some details about the competition:

  • BXB download and registration link:
  • BXB Download and Registration Guide:
  • No registration after the deadline will be accepted even if you did pre registration.
  • Except auto mining product, all other products will be available to trade after November 25th 22:00 (UTC +8).
  • Auto mining will be available to trade after November 26th 02:00 (UTC +8).
  • BXB will allocate credits of 10,000 USDT and 100 BXT (BXB platform token) to each account before November 25th 22:00 (UTC +8). No deposit or withdraw will be allowed during the entirety of the campaign.
  • BXB will collect the balance in your account by December 16th 21:59:59 (UTC +8), and calculate your asset in different currencies and convert them back in USDT. The final ranking will be based on your ending balance in USDT.
  • The final result will be announced by December 17th 14:00 (UTC +8) in BXB official telegram group (


If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us in our telegram group ( or through email


Good luck to everyone and we hope everyone HAS FUN!!!


BXB Team