Account Registration & KYC on PC



1. After starting the BXB client, click[Register Now] in the Login Window.


2. Enter your email address, and input your desired password twice in the two boxes below the registration box (the password must be a combination of 8 or more letters and MUST include at least 1 uppercase letter, at least 1 number).  Click the ‘Send the verification code’ button. You will then receive the email verification code in your email. Input that code in the “Please enter verification code” box, and check the ‘read and agree’ box and then click ‘Register’.

After registration is completed, please return to the login window and log in with the registered username and password (If you are using your personal device, you can check the [Remember Me] and [Save Password] check boxes).


Notice: Google Authentication code is not required for the first login.




1. Referral Code. If you were referred by anyone to BXB, please enter their referral code in the box titled ‘Referral Code’ then and click [Submit]. If you weren’t referred by anyone, feel free to leave this blank and click [Submit] directly.


2. KYC materials. You will then need to submit your ID information to complete the KYC verification. Please wait for us to review these. Once the application have been approved we will send you a confirmation email.



1. Can I change my email address?

Your email address is the only info BXB uses to authenticate your identity.  Once this is set up, it cannot be changed. Please ensure that your email will be the one you want to use and most importantly that it is secured.


2. What are suitable files or documents for the KYC verification?

Please ensure that your document format meets the following requirements:

a. The format of the photo is: jpeg or png;

b. The picture is clear, complete and unobstructed;

c. The photo is not to be retouched or altered, and the document information cannot be modified;

d. Please avoid uploading duplicate photos and black and white photos;

e. Please ensure that the certificate is a valid government issued ID.


3. Where Can I find my Referral Code?

When you login to the main window, you can click your account name on the top left, and select [referrer info]. You would be able to see your “Referral Code”. Send your “Referral Code” to your friends, and make sure they enter it when they register to the BXB platform to enjoy rewards!