Security and Anti-Virus Software Conflicts on PC

In order to provide our clients with the most reliable and stable trading platform, with the best security, we have built a desktop version of the BXB client. Our platform is not web-based like most trading clients out there.

Being a desktop client, while installing BXB, your security/antivirus software may treat BXB as a threat. In order to help customers who may face these conflicts, with their antivirus software, we offer the following three solutions:


1. If your security software/antivirus software asks you whether to trust “BXB.exe” or “trader.exe”, please select “Yes”.

2.If “BXB.exe” or “trader.exe” is treated as a malware and put into quarantine, please add them into white list/trust list in your security/antivirus software.

3.If “BXB.exe” or “trader.exe” has issues running properly, please try turning off or logging out your security antivirus software temporarily.


If you run into any antivirus software issues, we would appreciate your help in letting us know the antivirus software you are using so that we can work to fix these issues. You can let us know by sending us a quick email to techsupport@ . This will help us greatly improve the BXB platform. In the email please include the following:


1. The security anti-virus software you are using

2. A screenshot of the notification your software giving you

Android App


Please go to Play Store to download BXB app or click the link below.


PC Client


1. Please download PC client from our website

2. Unzip the downloaded file ‘BXBLauncher’ and run the ‘BXB.exe’, the application will automatically check new version and update.

Notice: Please make sure your BXB folder’s full path contains only ASCII codes (like letters, numbers and characters like “/’), like “C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\BXBlauncher”, path like “C:\Users\エ가中ий\BXBlauncher” would cause install failure.

3. You are ready to use BXB! Double click “bxb.exe” to start! Of course, you can also choose to start BXB from the desktop shortcut.

Notice: anti-virus software such as AVG may misidentify the BXB client as a Malware and isolate it. You need to manually add it as a “trusted file”. See Security and Anti-Virus Software Conflicts for more info.