How to Deposit and Withdraw on PC

How to Deposit Funds


1. In the BXB main window, click [Balances] then select [Fund Management] .

2. Taking USDT as an example, click [Deposit] to view the deposit wallet address.

3. A deposit address will be provided below. You can choose to copy the address or use a wallet software to scan the QR code to complete the deposit process.


Notice: Please do not deposit any non-USDT assets to above addresses and likewise non related coins to non-related wallets. Your assets that are deposited to the wrong coin address cannot be recovered; Additionally, please verify that you have the correct deposit address before initiating your deposit. If you transfer to the wrong address, your assets as well cannot be recovered.


How to Withdraw Funds


1. In the BXB main window click [Balances] then [Fund Management].

2. Taking USDT as an example, click [Withdraw] to input where you would like to have the funds withdrawn to.

3. Input the desired withdrawal address as well as the the amount to be withdrawn, then click  [Withdraw].

If you are requesting to withdraw a large amount, please also click [submit review document], and upload the required documents, and wait for review.


Other Q&A


1. Do we offer Fiat deposits?

We currently do not offer fiat deposits or trading. If you want to deposit or trade in legal currency such as USD you will need to convert your USD to coins first.

2. What if I withdraw to a wrong address?

Once you click [Withdraw] (or after submitting documents for large amount withdrawals), BXB will have entered an automatic withdrawal sequence which cannot be suspended.