1. Enter into the Mining Tool. When you login to the client, near the top left corner, Click on ‘Tools’ - ‘Mining’ to enter the auto mining interface.

auto trading

2. Select your trading pairs. ‘Mining Coin 1’ will be fixed to USDT. ‘Mining Coin 2’ is where you will need to select the other pair, ETH, BTC or BXT.

3. Decide the amount spent on each mining transaction. After selecting the desired pairs, you will then need to manually enter the desired amounts of USDT and mining coin 2 that you want to use for mining.

4. Enter your 'Target Mining Amount'. The Target Mining Amount is the amount of transaction fees, in USDT, that you want to use or mining. This number must be less than your 'Daily Quota'.

Notice: The estimate of today’s transaction fees will be under the 'Daily Quota', as ‘Today’s Trading Commission’. Once you click ‘Start’ you will start to see your mining progress from 0-100% in the blue bar in the middle of the interface.

5. Start mining. Once you have entered the amounts, you will need to Agree to the terms and conditions of the platform and click 'Start' to start the auto-mining.



1. You can click ‘Stop’ at anytime to pause the mining.

2. You can also check your specific transaction records through the ‘Transaction Record’ tab in the main interface.

3. Closing the Client, insufficient funds, and Transaction fees ≥ to your mining limits etc. will cause the program to stop. You can make the necessary adjustments if applicable, and click ‘Start’ to restart.