1. Please download PC client from our website bxb.io.

2. Unzip the downloaded file ‘BXBLauncher’ and run the 'BXB.exe', the application will automatically check new version and update.

Notice: Please make sure your BXB folder's full path contains only ASCII codes (like letters, numbers and characters like "/'), like "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\BXBlauncher", path like "C:\Users\エ가中ий\BXBlauncher" would cause install failure.

3. You are ready to use BXB! Double click "bxb.exe" to start! Of course, you can also choose to start BXB from the desktop shortcut.

Notice: anti-virus software such as AVG may misidentify the BXB client as a Malware and isolate it. You need to manually add it as a "trusted file". See Security and Anti-Virus Software Conflicts for more info.