BBcard is a digital currency-based standard European option developed by BXB Exchange. It is accessible and can be easily understood by both crypto investors non-crypto investors.

You can simply predict the direction of BTC price, going up or down, in the next 0.5/2/8 hours and gain from your correct forecast.

Trading interface:

0. Latest price and its change of BTC.
1. If you think the BTC price will increase after 8 hours, you can click the "Up" button; if you think the BTC price will decrease after 8 hours, click the "Down" button.

2. Choose BBcard expiration time: 30 min, 2h, 8h.

3. If you click the "Up" button, the purchase interface of BTCBullCard08 will be displayed; if you click the "Down" button, the purchase interface of BTCBearCard08 will be displayed. The 08 at the end indicates that the card will expire 8 hours after purchase.
Note: Because each purchase of BBCard expires after 8 hours, the expiration time of BBCard purchased by users depends on the time purchased.

4. The purchase price. For the convenience of users, the price of BBCard is fixed at 1 USDT per card. This 1USDT is your premium for the purchase of options, which will be paid to the seller of the corresponding card. BXB will charge 0.05 USDT transaction fees for each card included.
5-6. BBCard is a standard European option contract, but the user does not need to care about the complicated rules of the option calculation. Here "BTC Price" on the left lists the possible price of BTC when the card expires, and "Gain" on the right is the profit of the card at the corresponding future BTC price.

  1. Enter the number of BBCards you want to buy.
  2. Your current available USDT. If the available funds are insufficient, click the "+" sign on the right will jump to the deposit interface.
  3. After entering the purchasing amount, simply click the Buy button to buy the BBCard.
  4. After purchasing, you can check your orders by click "History" to jump to the History interface, which displays all BBCards purchased by the user in the past 3 days. The specific interface is as follows:
  5. The All Cards page displays all BBCards purchased by the user in the past 2 days. Cards that have been settled and have deposits are displayed on the Winning Cards page.
  6. Display the purchased BBCard name.
  7. The number of BBCards purchased is displayed.
  8. Purchasing time of this BBCard.
  9. BBCards that have not yet expired will show here the time left to expire.
  10. BBCards that have expired will display the word "Settled".

  11. The BBCard that has expired will show the settlement deposit amount.

  12. Price of BTC at expiration.

  13. BBCard expiration time.