The Assets page shows the following information: 

  1. Funding History: this is where you can check your deposit and withdrawal history.

  2. This is where you can see your total assets. Your assets are automatially displayed in USDT for your viewing convenience. Underneath "Total Balance" you can see the breakdown of your funds into the following categories: "Cryptos", "Futures", and "Options"

    • Cryptos: the total value of your coin assets 
    • Options: the total value of your options position 
    • Futures: the total value of your futures position 
    • Total Balance: the sum of Cryptos, Options, and Futures.

  3. You can switch between the categories of your assets here. All asset values are displayed in USDT for your viewing convenience. 

  4. "CRYPTOS" subpage: you can see your holding amount per coin.

    Available: the amount of cryptocurrency you can use for trading, auto-trading, and withdrawal.

    Frozen: the amount of cryptos that you cannot currently use

    Value/USDT: the USDT value equivalent of your cryptocurrencies.

    If you want to deposit/withdraw cryptocurrencies to your BXB account, you can press the "DEPOSIT"/"WITHDRAW" button.

Click here to continue to the Futures subpage.