Welcome to BXB exchange's mobile trading platform! We've provided a guide to our app that will also teach you all the basics of cryptocurrency trading for coin to coin trading, as well as futures and options trading. If you already know what your specific question is about, you can visit our app tutorial index to look for the section you want to know more about here

Home Page

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After the initial start up screen and logo, you will be taken to the "Home" page. Here, you will see several sections including:

  1. Banner: you can see news, updates, and promotions about BXB in this section.

  2. Tap Trading: you can access the easiest way to earn money from trading using our trademarked seconds based trading program - Tap Trading.

  3. Tap Trading Free Trial: You will receive SUSDT and SBXT when you register, these are for the free trial version. You can practice Tap Trading here when you are not very familiar with it.

  4. Favorite”: this will show your favorite contracts that you have subscribed to.

  5. "Futures": the most active futures markets at the moment will be shown here. Click "Go trading" to see all our futures markets. 

  6. Cryptos”: the most active trading pairs at the moment will be shown here. Click "Go trading" to see all our cryptocurrency trading pairs.

  7. Options”: the most active options at the moment will be shown here. Click "Go trading" to see all our options markets.

  8. Tab bar: you can access the "Home", "Trade", "Assets", and the "Me" page

    • Trade takes you to our Trading page where you can start trading
    • Assets takes you to our "Assets" page where you can check your assets and deposit/withdraw your cryptocurrencies.
    • Me takes you to the "Me" page where you can check your referral code, change your password, find out how to get in touch with us and learn more about BXB.

Before you can really get started with tap trading, crypto trading or auto-trading etc, you'll have to learn how to deposit your cryptos into BXB exchange.


How does it work?

Generally, depositing in a cryptocurrency exchange is just like depositing money into a bank account. The process is very easy if you currently already own cryptocurrencies. However, if you are a newcomer to cryptocurrency trading and exchanges, you will have to first buy cryptocurrency with your FIAT money. FIAT money is what is generally used outside of cryptocurrency such as USD, GBP, AUD, KRW, JPY etc... 

First, you'll need to exchange your Fiat money into cryptocurrency at an OTC market or a Fiat Exchange.

OTC markets describe a "... trade [that] happens directly between two parties, with one of those parties typically being a “desk” — a business dedicated to the buying and selling of a particular asset classIn an OTC trade, two parties agree on a price and then work out the transfer of assets between themselves." (Circle ResearchFor OTC transactions, provide the seller with your BTC, ETH, or USDT wallet address (where can I find the deposit address?). Transactions on average take about twenty minutes to be deposited into your account.

A fiat exchange is an exchange where you can use your fiat money (eg USD, GBP, Euro etc...) to buy cryptocurrency. You can read more about this on Blockonomi's article about buying cryptocurrency with fiat

How do I deposit funds into my BXB account?

  1. Enter the “Assets” page.

  2. Press the green button labeled “DEPOSIT” corresponding to the specific cryptocurrency you want to deposit. We currently only accept BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH & TOSC deposits. (There are two kinds of USDTs. There is the omnilayer USDT and the ERC20 USDT - we currently only accept withdrawal for ERC20 USDT.) 

IMPORTANT: Please deposit the right currency to the right type of wallet address. For example, a BTC wallet address can only accept BTC, an ETH wallet can only accept ETH. Sending a different currency than the currency of the wallet type may result in a loss of funds (for example, if you send ETH to a BTC wallet). 

exchange deposit

3. In the "Deposit" interface as shown below click the “COPY ADDRESS” button.


4. For OTC transactions, provide this address to the seller

5. For Fiat Exchanges like Coins.ph, open your mobile wallet app.

BG 4

6. Open the BTC or ETH wallet and click the icon, "Send". If you use another mobile wallet, enter the “Send” page or the equivalent page that provides the same function.

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  1. Choose "Enter wallet address"

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  1. Paste your “Deposit address” on the box printed "wallet address".

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  1. Input the amount of crypto you would like to deposit to your BXB account.

Choose the "Blockchain fee" you want to pay for sending this transaction. Higher fees will result in a faster transaction time. In general, for all exchanges, faster transaction times are associated with higher blockchain fees.

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  1. Click the check box and slide to send.

Once your request has been sent, please wait for block confirmation and the corresponding amount will be sent to your BXB account. Transactions on average can take up to 20 minutes to complete.

Congratulations! You have successfully deposited cryptocurrency into your BXB account and you can now start trading cryptocurrencies and participate in auto-trading!

Go Trading


How to start trading?

Once you enter the "Trade" page, you will see a list of cryptocurrencies that you can trade. There are also subpages for "Futures", "Cryptos" and "Options" trading. Choose the market that you would lke to trade in and click that row. 

Let's take a closer look at the cryptocurrency trading interface for the BTC/USDT pairing. 

BG 14

In this page, you will see the following information:

  1. Basic price info

    • High/Low - This indicates the highest/lowest price of the currency since the market open today (0000 - 2359). It updates in real time and will change if there are trades at lower or higher prices.

    • Ask/Bid - "Ask"/"Bid" prices are the prices that a seller/buyer wants to trade at. "Ask"/"Bid" records the lowest ask/highest bid prices because the lowest ask/highest bid price are most likely to be traded.
    • Underneath the price is the rate of return for the currency since the market opened today (0000 - 2359)
    • Underneath the rate of return percentage is the cumulative trading volume for this currency in the market today (0000 - 2359)

  2. Frequency

    • You can set the time parameters for the type of candlesticks/chart you want to see here (1MIN = 1 minute; 5MIN = 5 minutes; 1H = 1 hour; 1D = 1 day; 1W = 1 week). For example, if you select the 1H button you will see one candlestick per one hour. The graph will correspondingly display a series of candlesticks over a period of time. The start and end of this period of time can be seen on the left and right edges of the chart.

  3. Candlestick Frequencies

    • Each candlestick represents one unit of time for the parameters you set.  A green candlestick indicates that from the start of the hour (1H) to the end of the hour (eg. 0800 - 0859) the price went up. A red candlestick indicates that from the start of the hour (1H) to the end of the hour (eg. 0800 - 0859) the price went down. A candlestick is composed of two parts: the body, and the shadow. Let's talk about the body first. The bottommost and topmost part of the body of the candlestick represents the price at the beginning and end of that unit of time (eg. at 0800 the price was 1 USD and at 0859 the price was 2 USD). The shadow of the candlestick looks like a line extending above, below, or from both ends of the body of the candlestick. The shadow represents the total range of fluctuation for the price (highest and lowest) between the beginning and the end of that unit of time (eg. 1H). For example, if for 1H the  bottom of the body of the candlestick is 1 USD and the top of the body of the candlestick is 2 USD but the shadow of the candlestick reaches down to 0.50 USD and reaches up to 3 USD it means that at 0800 the price was 1 USD and at 0859 the price was 2 USD but in between 0800 and 0859, let's say at 0815 the price was actually down to 0.50USD and at 0845 the price was up to 3 USD.candlestick

  4. Depth of Market

    • Also known as an order book, this section of the trading screen shows the bid or ask price on the left side and the quantity to be bought or sold on the right side. Red numbers indicate people who want to sell the currency at the price indicated. This is called an ask. Green numbers indicate people who want to buy the currency at the price indicated. This is called a bid. The list is organized by price (top to bottom) and shows real time orders that have not yet been filled (that means that they have made a bid or an ask, but nobody has yet taken them up on their offer). When the orders are filled (bought or sold for the ask or bid price) the numbers will be updated. The difference between the maximum bid price and the minimum ask price is called the bid-ask spread. 

  5. Transaction information

    • This area shows transactions happening in real time. The first column shows the time, the second shows the price, and the final column shows the volume. 

How to place your order?

BG 15

  1. There are two types of orders that you can place, “Limit Order” or “Market Order”. We'll explain the difference between the two below.  

    When you press Market Order you will see that the option to adjust the price of your order disappears and you can only adjust the volume of your order. This is because a Market Order means that you are willing to buy or sell at the current market price - these orders are usually filled very quickly. 

    When you press Limit Order you will see that you're able to adjust both the price and the volume of your order. A Limit Order is kind of like negotiating. You try to sell or buy the currency at a price that you decide then you wait to see if anyone takes it. A Limit Order generally takes more time to fill as more people are more willing to buy and sell at the standard market prices. If nobody is willing to buy or sell at the price that you have placed your Limit Order, your order will remain unfilled. In another scenario, someone might be willing to buy or sell at the price that you have ordered - however, they might not have enough volume to completely fill your order. In this case, your order will only be partially filled. 

Checking your current orders

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To check the current status, or position, of your orders press the "ORDERS" button.


In this page, you will see the following information:

  1. The progress on the fulfillment of your order, 0 - 100%. You are more likely to see a partially fulfilled order when you place a "limit" order as we discussed above. 

  2. The type of trade your order is i.e. Buy or Sell.

  3. The execution price. The number on the left side is the price that your order was filled at and the price on the right side is the price you originally set for the order. If you executed your trade as a market order this section will say "Market Order".

  4. The order volume. The number on the left shows the filled number of your placed orders. The number on the right shows the total number of orders you placed.

  5. Your order status. This section will be indicated as "FILLED" or "PARTIALLY FILLED" depending on the status of your order. If you press the "Cancel" button, your placed order will be canceled. If there are parts of your order which have already been filled, the status will show as "PARTIALLY FILLED".
  6. This indicates the time at which you placed this order. 

  7. If you would like to cancel your order, click "Cancel".

  8. If you would like to hide the orders which have already been filled from the screen, slide to open orders only. The screen will then only show Open Orders.


You've made it! You now know how to deposit, auto-trade, and trade on BXB exchange.


If you have any problems or you want to know more about our application, you can go to our app guide index here.

If the content of the the guides cannot solve your problem or you still have questions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or join our telegram group at https://t.me/BXBexchange. We'll do our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.