In this page, you will see the following info:

  1. Withdraw Amount: The amount of cryptos you want to withdraw.
  2. Fee: the transaction fee you have to pay to withdraw.
  3. Address Withdraw To: where you want to withdraw to.
  4. Your Password: Please input your password in the box.

Withdrawal Procedure

Suppose you would like to withdraw BTC from your BXB account.

  1. Go to your mobile wallet app.

    Here BXB recommends and uses it as instance.

  2. Enter BTC wallet and click the icon, "Receive".

Withdraw 2

  1. Press the button printed "COPY OR SHARE".

Withdraw 3

  1. Choose "Copy Wallet Address".

Withdraw 4

  1. Switch to BXB app and enter the “Assets” page.
  2. Press the red button printed “Withdraw” under the section of "BTC".
  3. Input how many cryptos you would like to withdraw in the box printed "Withdrawal Amount".
  4. Paste the “Wallet Address” on the box printed "Address Withdrawal To".
  5. Input the password of your BXB account.
  6. Press the button printed “WITHDRAW”.