funding exchange

This page contains two subpages, Deposit and Withdraw. In each subpage, you can see the status of your requests.

  1. The amount of cryptos that you requested to deposit/withdraw.

  2. The type of execution, DepositWithdrawalAuto-Trading Return, and Referral Return.

    • Deposit: If you do the deposit execution, it would show "deposit".
    • Withdrawal: If you do the withdrawal execution, it would show "withdrawal"
    • Auto-Trading Return: If you have auto-traded in yesterday, you would receive the Auto-Trading return today. And it would show "Auto-Trading Return"
    • Referral Return: If someone filled your referral code and had trading activities, you would receive the referral return from them. And it would show "Referral Return"
    • Futures Funding: If you receive/ are charged of funding amount at funding timestamps, it would show "Futures Funding". See also Price Convergence Mechanism.
    • Futures Settlement: If you receive/ are charged of USDT due to tap trading settlement, it would show " Futures Settlement". See also Tap-Trading Guide.
  3. The status of your request.

  4. The time you made the request.