In this page, you can see the following information:

  1. Progress of fulfillment of your order, 0 - 100%

    During the process of trading, especially when you place "limit" orders, your order may not be filled immediately.

  2. The trade direction of each order Buy or Sell.

  3. The execution price.

    • Left number: the average execution price of the filled part of your order.
    • Right number: the price you set for the limit order. If you set the market price, it would show "Market Order".
  4. The ordered volume and the deal volume.

    • Left number: the number of contracts you placed which has been filled actually.
    • Right number: the total number of contracts you placed for order.
  5. The status of your order, which includes two types, "FILLED" or "PART FILLED".

    When you press the "Cancel" button, your placed order will be canceled If there are parts of your order which are unfilled, the status will be "PART FILLED".

  6. The time you placed your order.

  7. If you would like to cancel your order, click the button "Cancel".

  8. If you want to hide the orders which have already been filled, slide to open orders only. This will only show Open orders.