asset futures subpage

The Futures subpage shows the following information: 

  1. Information about your total futures positions.

    • Stop Loss Pool: this shows you the amount of USDT you have for maintaining your current futures positions. If it becomes less than zero, your futures positions will be closed.
    • Total Profit and Loss: this shows the total profit and loss of all of your futures positions.
  2. Detailed information about your futures positions.

    • Positions: this indicates how many contracts you have. Sell contracts will show as negative, and buy contracts will show as positive (if you have the same number of 'buy' orders and 'sell' orders for the same cryptocurrency, your position will show as 0)
    • Cost: this indicates the price at which you purchased the contract.
    • Price: this indicates the average current price of your positions.
    • Profit and Loss: this indicates your total profit and loss from your positions.
  3. "TRADE" button: this leads directly to the trading page for this contract.

  4. "CLOSE ALL" button: this places a market order to close all of your positions.

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