In this page, you will see the following info:

  1. Guide: you will learn how to deposit your cryptos to BXB account.

  2. Deposit Address: you can deposit your cryptos to your BXB account through the address.

    You can take it as bank account number.

  3. QR code of deposit address: the different form of deposit address.

    You can use mobile camera to scan the QR code to get the deposit address. Besides, most of mobile wallets have scanning function which provides you a way to directly deposit your cryptos. If you are a newbie to the crypto world, we recommend you to copy "Deposit Address" in the above section instead of scanning the QR code.

Suppose you would like to deposit BTC to your BXB account.

Deposit Procedure

  1. Click “COPY ADDRESS”.


  1. For OTC transactions, provide this address to the seller.

  2. For Fiat Exchanges like, open your mobile wallet app.

Deposit 3

      4. Enter BTC wallet and click the icon, "Send".

  If you use another mobile wallet, enter the “Send” page or the similar interface providing the same function.

Deposit 4

5. Choose "Enter wallet address"

Deposit 5

6. Paste your “Deposit address” on the box printed "wallet address".

Deposit 6

  1. Input the amount of crypto you would like to deposit to your BXB account.

    1. Choose the "Blockchain fee" you want to pay for sending this transaction. Higher fees will result in a faster transaction time.

The more you pay, the faster your transaction would be dealt.Deposit 7

9. Click the check box and slide to send.

Your request has been sent. Please wait for block confirmations, and the corresponding amount will be sent to your BXB account. Transactions on average can take up to 20 minutes to complete.

Congratulations! You have successfully deposited into your BXB account to start crypto trading and auto-trading journey!