1.Product Description

Product: Tap Trading (LFBTC)

Token Name: LFBTC


2. Product Introduction

LFBTC is a derivative product of Bitcoin used only in Tap Trading. Specifically, it is a leveraged perpetual swap futures contract of Bitcoin. This contract mimics the margin-based spot market price of Bitcoin and thus tracks the underlying reference index price. LFBTC’s unique characteristic is its increased volatility of the spot BTC market price. The theoretical fluctuation range of LFBTC is 5 times that of BTC spot, which means when the spot price increases by 1%, the LFBTC price will increase by about 5%.


3. Contract Info

Contract Size: 0.01 BTC/Contract

Position Limit 100

Tick Size: 0.1 USDT

Settlement Token: USDT

Margin Type: Cross Margin


4.Support links

Official Rules: https://www.bxb.io/more/tutorials/321-about-tap-trading