1.Product Description

Product: Hashgard Call Option



2. Project Introduction

GARD_IMMDDCXXX is a derivative product of Hashgard. Specifically, it is an Options Call contract. This contracts value is derived from the underlying price of the spot market price of Hashgard.

The Hashgard Call Option allows the buyer of the contract to benefit from the potential price rise of Hashgard. The buyer pays the premium, and he/she has the right to obtain the difference between the strike price and the settlement price of Hashgard on the maturity date (if the difference is negative), otherwise no payment will occur. All transactions are settled in USDT.

2019/MM/DD – Refers to the expiration date of the Contact

C – Refers to a Call

XXX – Refers to the Strike Price

3. Contract Info

Contract Size: 1 GARD_I of Options per Contract

Position Limit 100

Tick Size: 0.001 USDT

Settlement Token: USDT


4.Support links

Official Rules: https://bxb.io/more/tutorials/365-crypto-trading-pair-and-crypto-options