What we’ve seen in the prices of cryptocurrency markets for the past weeks and the majority of the

Korea's Top Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Blogs Group Endorses BXB Exchange

BXB signs a partnership agreement with Korea’s biggest and most followed Crypto Youtuber Doori Doori

In the summer heat of July 2019, BXB’s CEO, Kwun Consunji-Phite-Locke, and Head of Korea &amp

Crypto markets saw BTC’s price action trade sideways this week. Hitting an intraweek high of $10,909.14 and then slipping down to an intraweek low of $9,874.95 (~10% drop) BTC ended the week at

Exchanges and projects exist in symbiosis - if projects provide a service, or utility, to a user, an exchange provides a market for users to check how others in the world value, evaluate, and