The Rundown

BTC…down…as expected.

In the last Monday Crypto Market Outlook, we specifically laid

Las Top 5 estrategias para beneficiarse de las criptomonedas


Fecha de publicación: 18 noviembre 2019

BXB lanzó recientemente una publicación sobre "¿Quiénes son las personas más ricas en


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BXB recently released a post about “Who are the richest people in Bitcoin?”  To accumulate such a fortune, each of these investors were

The Rundown

As noted before in the last Monday Crypto Market Outlook, BTC’s 100D SMA has breached the 200D SMA a day ago indicating a potential long term bear market that could last for a few


Basic High-Frequency Trading Strategies and How You Can Use Them with Tap Trading

As explained in our “What Is High-Frequency Trading?” post, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) is a trading