Crypto markets saw BTC’s price action trade sideways this week. Hitting an intraweek high of

BXB signs a partnership agreement with Korea’s biggest and most followed Crypto Youtuber Doori Doori

In the summer heat of July 2019, BXB’s CEO, Kwun Consunji-Phite-Locke, and Head of Korea &amp

When looking to maximize their return on investments, many professional traders turn to leveraged trading (also called margin trading). Let’s dive into what this type of trading is and what

Exchanges and projects exist in symbiosis - if projects provide a service, or utility, to a user, an exchange provides a market for users to check how others in the world value, evaluate, and

When dipping their toes into the world of cryptocurrency, many beginners wonder if they should day-trade or hold (invest long-term). Some traders proclaim that while trading cryptocurrency for