Top 5 fastest ways to profit from cryptocurrency

BXB recently released a post about “Who are the richest people in Bitcoin?”  To accumulate such a fortune, each of these investors were smart with their strategies. Although there is never  a guaranteed way to make a fortune, here are some techniques that will help.

Here are the 5 fastest ways to profit from cryptocurrency:

1. Tap Trading
So far the safest way to earn money in the cryptocurrency market within a short amount of time. The main advantage is the easiness Tap Trading gives you to trade in such a complicated financial virtual system. First you need to register on a platform, such as BXB ( this tutorial teaches you how to get started with tap trading. Tap trading let’s you trade in real time, with the ease of the tap of your finger.

2. Trade
The simplest way to win money with cryptocurrency is to simply buy them and sell them when the value goes up. The thing is anyone can buy crypto, but not everyone can select the right cryptocurrency to purchase. There are more than 3000 cryptocurrencies in the world today.

3. Buy dividends
In order to cash-in on cryptocurrency dividends you need to invest in a currency that pays dividends. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies that pay dividends are: NEO, KuCoin Shares, ARK, Neblio, BridgeCoin, Komodo and PIVX.

4. Contract a trader
As in any other market, cryptocurrency has its own high risky trading system. To build a good strategy, potentially finding an experienced trader can potentially guide you to your fortune. Becoming an expert cryptocurrency trader is a job that requires 100% dedication and focus, especially in order to bring in a high Return On Investment (ROI).

5. Loan
Another option could be to lend your cryptocurrencies for a short to medium term. Loans can be risky, but if successful, they have a high return on investment. If you’re interested in trying out short-term or medium-term loans, check out these famous crypto-lending platforms:
  • YouHodler
  • BlockFi
  • Celsius
  • CoinLoan
  • Salt Lending


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