Dear BXB users,

You might have noticed that we’ve changed up our style and look. Over the past month we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to figure out what exactly it is that sets us apart as a cryptocurrency exchange. We’ve narrowed it down to a few things that we’ve worked hard to implement into our new look, interface, and how we interact with you – our community – as a company.

Firstly, we are renewing our dedication to you – the existing users of our platform and products. Many of you have had rewarding experiences with us through our tap trading product: The simple interface and easy to follow instructions & tips, and the instant and tangible rewards that result from our five-minute interval rounds. Rest assured that we’re constantly working on the back end to ensure that your trading experiences are free of bugs, uninterrupted, and that we are constantly hosting competitions and other giveaways to make your interactions with us as a company are safe, rewarding, engaging, and fun.

We will be attending more events, more conferences, and more meet-ups moving forward to communicate with you and meet you in person. Make sure to check out if we’ll be near you on our events page! But it’s not just offline that we want to constantly communicate with you. You’ll see new blog posts from us about the latest in the crypto-world, trading tips, and other useful information about our community. We’re also ramping up to roll out livechat functionality so that we are always around to answer your questions and listen to your feedback.

Secondly, our journey with our users, you, has made us realize that what we need to do next is throw the gates wide open to the cryptocurrency market in general; it is one of the biggest markets to exist in human history (over 160-billion-USD of the world’s assets are held in bitcoin) and at BXB exchange we think that it is only fair that this space becomes accessible to more owners. Ultimately, one way or another, we are all participants of the exciting new frontiers of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology development. It’s why we’ve opted for our new color and slogan – we want to make sure that we look the way that we feel: safe, approachable, hopeful, and excited.

Trading isn’t scary, nor should it be overcomplicated and limiting in its presentation. It’s not just cryptocurrency trading, trading in general is often considered an exclusive tool for those with millions to spare to further increase their own wealth and assets. You can read more about our thoughts in our revamped mission statement here.

We are committed to ensuring that you don’t need to place massive amounts of money on the market – or ANY money to get in on the action. We’re putting our money where our mouth is. For a limited time, we are giving away 5USDT and 10 of our own BXT tokens to any newly registered user. Follow this link and we’ll make sure that that’s deposited into your account.

So what does this rebrand mean for you? We won’t need you to do anything, but, we’d truly appreciate your renewed attention on our social media platforms, whether that’s our linkedin, twitter, facebook, Instagram, or telegram, and your continued loyalty to us on our platforms.

Lastly, please bear with us as we continuously improve our website, platforms, and products. We’re confident that with your input, feedback, and presence BXB exchange will arrive at the #1 spot for any cryptocurrency exchange out there.

There you have it. Happy trading, we’re excited to be reacquainted with you as BXB Exchange – Bitcoin Trading Simplified.