Exchanges and projects exist in symbiosis - if projects provide a service, or utility, to a user, an exchange provides a market for users to check how others in the world value, evaluate, and speculate on those services. Because BXB exchange is a cryptoexchange targeted towards new users, we take our job of listing projects very seriously. We do not automatically assume that the traders or users of our traditional trading platforms, as well as our tap trading platform, take the time to research projects in depth. What we do assume is that our users trust us. 

When BXB exchange comes across a project our first question is always, what is the use case. Unlike some other exchanges that promise insane amounts of pumping (which ALWAYS inevitably will lead to a 'dumping'), we check whether there is the potential of organic growth for the service. Organic growth for any business or service tends to follow the same prediction pattern: 1. Does the project offer a service that users in the real world need? 2. Is the project well positioned to offer this service? 3. How does this project plan to reach their potential users? 4. What is their leadership like and how committed are they to meeting the perceived needs of the community at large, and, 5. What is the roadmap for the project? We check these factors carefully against the immense combined business expertise of our team (over 500 years when combined) before ever commencing a conversation about listing with a project. 

Once we believe in a project and decide to list them, we become their partners in realizing the ultimate mission of the project. Certain exchanges tend to treat projects (coins) like traditional currencies: "We've listed you on our platform and it's up to you, and only you, to take care of how the market perceives you and thus, prices you." BXB exchange, on the other hand, believes in mutually supporting the project and expects our projects to believe in us as their emissary out into the crypto trading world. We offer a host of strategic insights, marketing support systems, financial kickbacks, and collaborative PR campaigns for those projects that meet our high standards. 

If you would like to find out more about how we rate projects and how we decide to list them, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.