New to crypto? Here are some handy pointers to keep in mind and help you start trading cryptocurrency easily.


The highs and lows

While a movement of 5% is pretty big in more traditional investment methods, the cryptocurrency market is still quite volatile in comparison, and a movement of 20% within a single day nothing to freak out about. This can also be used to your advantage in certain short-term trading situations. For long term trading, just ignore these spikes and look for trends over time.


There’s a currency for that

Since bitcoin shocked the world in 2009, many different forms of cryptocurrency have emerged, each with a specialized purpose and function. When considering what types of cryptocurrency to trade, consider your specific needs in order to find the right cryptocurrencies to invest in.


Don’t always follow the crowd

While more traditional trading relies heavily on market research, because of the speed at which cryptocurrency is traded, by the time a single type of currency considered “hot” it’s probably already hitting its maximum short term potential. While that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t snap some up, it’s probably the wrong time to put all your eggs in one basket. At BXB Exchange, our focus is on how to trade cryptocurrency easily, securely, and quickly, so 

you can stay informed and aware of how your investments are doing.


Choose your wallet wisely

Cryptocurrency wallets are very important. This is the program that will store all the “keys” which allow you to send and receive money. Not all wallets are created equal, and not all wallets will support all types of cryptocurrency. Do plenty of research on the security, trading options, and make sure that the currency exchange platform you use is a safe, reliable trading platform before investing.


Room to grow

The entire cryptocurrency industry still has incredible room for organic growth. Even though the use of blockchain to facilitate the movement of currency has already started to revolutionize the concept of payment systems, even the high level cryptocurrencies are constantly being optimized. The ideas surrounding market caps, transaction loads, and market speculation are ever-evolving. The takeaway? This is a market that you want to seriously considering investing in now, before the market reaches its full potential, and the prices to enter it become too high to be economical.

In fact, at BXB exchange we firmly belive in bringing cryptocurrency to the masses and making the cryptocurrency exchange more accessible and profitable to push cryptocurrency out of the hands of the professionals by creating a fun, easy to use cryptocurrency platform.