BXB Community:


We wanted to take this time to thank everyone for all their support so far, and especially all our bounty hunters that have registered and submitted work for us. We really appreciate all the hard work that was put in trying to get our message across to the world! The past week has taught us a lot, and in particular the areas that we as a company need to work on.


Our vision to give retail individual investors more of an advantage and to level the playing field between professional traders and retail investors. In order to achieve our goal we have realized that we need to make our products more accessible to more people. We want as many people as possible to experience the BXB difference so the world can see what we are really trying to achieve and how! We have realized that solely launching with a PC application makes this goal hard to achieve.


Therefore, we have decided to pause our bounty to allow us time to finish our upcoming apps so that more people can experience BXB. We will also take this time to improve upon our current products and make our message clearer. Please stay tuned and keep an eye out on our announcements as in the coming weeks we will work to make changes, and introduce other new fun and exciting products!


Thank you all,


BXB Team