Dear BXB community:

We are excited to announce that our revolutionary new trading product, BBcard, will be launched on December 27, 2019(UTC+8). It will be available on Android app and Web platform. Users will be able to try BBcard after 10 AM (UTC+8), December 27th.

Android Users have to update App to 3.2.3 to trade BBcard.


What is BBcard?

BBcard is a digital currency-based standard European option developed by BXB Exchange. It is accessible and can be easily understood by both crypto investors non-crypto investors.

You can simply predict the direction of BTC price, going up or down, in the next 8 hours and gain return from your correct forecast.

For more details, please check BBcard Introduction Video!


How to Start Trading BBcard?

To play BBcard, please find “BB Card” on the home page.

For more details, please check BBcard Guide. The rules also can be found inside the app.




BXB Team