We are pleased to announce that BXB launched the official eByte IEO! And to celebrate this fantastic news EBYTES AIRDROPs are already available after purchase! Follow these rules to know how to get your EBYTES !

1. Purchase eBytes
2. Post the screenshot of the purchase on Twitter tagging @BXBexchangeLtd and @eByteCommunity with the hashtag #ebytewinner
3. Post the screenshot on the BXB Exchange official group
4. Get YOUR AIRDROP worth 10 USDT in EBYTE on you BXB Wallet!

Duration: December 3rd 10AM UTC+8 to December 10th 10AM UTC+8

Do you know eSports and how popular they are?

*eSports are organized multiplayer video game competitions and they usually have a huge spectatorship! It is similar to non-digital sports and the competitions are usually played through tournaments and the leagues.
*The data analytics service Newzoo reported that eSports are the “biggest thing to hit the tech industry since the launch of the iPhone in 2007”.


BXB Team