As our community knows, Doori Doori (Korea’s biggest and most followed Crypto influencer) and BXB, have been collaborating since October. However, this December, Doori Doori has become BXB’s official advisor, deepening ties and taking our relationship to the next level. 

Pop the champagne and pour a glass because this strategic partnership is going to propel BXB’s involvement in the Korean market, to establish BXB as the most popular exchange in South Korea. 

South Korea is the third-largest market for cryptocurrency trades in the world, estimating that 8% of its population has invested in cryptocurrency. The number of investments will continue to grow. BXB is excited and thankful to have Doori Doori as an advisor and to join forces for the continued growth of the crypto community in South Korea. 

We are very honored to have Doori Doori as our official advisor, and we know that together, the future looks bullish!

BXB Team

Dec 24, 2019