Dear all clients:


BXB is about to launch and we would like to invite every one of you to participate in the BXB testing campaign!




1. To participate in the campaign, you need to complete all tasks listed in Task List Form and submit it through Google Form (

2. Each validated account will be given 10,000 USDT as test money. You will not be able to withdraw or deposit funds during the campaign.

3. Event duration: Friday, 12 Oct - Friday, 26 Oct 23:59 (GMT+8)

4. Everyone who completes all the tasks on list and validated by the bxb tech team will receive 60 BXT.


We will also hold 2 competitions during the Testing Campaign. Winners would be rewarded with Toooons of BXT~~

Notice: In order to participate in the two competitions, you must submit a valid task list form mentioned above.




If you find any bug, please take screenshots of the bug to record the details, briefly describe the issue, explain how it came up and submit it via ( Our team will validate every form and reward the top 3 testers with the most bugs reported.




We encourage every tester to play mock trading during the campaign. The top 3 testers with the highest asset value at the end will be rewarded (We will rank all participants by the USDT balance in the account at 00:00, 27 Oct. GMT+8 , so clients need to transfer all their other funds to USDT by the campaign deadline).

Feel free to contact BXB in our Telegram Group:


More About the Campaign


Download and Install*

1. Please download and install BXB PC Client (If you have any issues with your Anti-virus software, please refer to: for instructions on how to submit your issues)

2. Please complete the registration process, and input your username and screenshot


Take screenshots of the following:


Coin-to-Coin Trading*

1. Your asset balance before any trading started

2. Buy BTC, and screenshot your trade price and amount

3. Buy ETH, and screenshot your trade price and amount

4. Buy BXT, and screenshot your trade price and amount

5. Screenshot your balance after all the transaction above have been performed


Options Trading*

1. Buy an option, and screenshot the trade price and amount

2. Sell all your bought options, and screenshot the trade price and amount

3. Screenshot your option positions


Tap Trading*
Complete at least 10 trades with tap trading tool and screenshot your results.



1. BXB team will evaluate the quality of each submitted task list form and their decision will be final and binding.

2. If your submission is approved, you will be allowed to BXB Trading Competition and Report a Bug Competition. If not, you won’t’ be allowed to re-submit the task list form  nor to participate either Competitions.

3. A valid task list form is to submit all screenshots after your real transactions accordingly. Anything being missed will be treated as an invalid task list form.

4. When this campaign ends, BXB will delete all test accounts for the official launch. Therefore, clients need to register at BXB using the same email address in Testing Campaign to receive their BXT.  We won’t be able to allocate the BXT to if you use a different account.


BXB Team