Dear all clients:


BXB is about to launch and we would like to invite every one of you to participate in the BXB Main Bounty! A total of $400,000 worth of BXT tokens are reserved for this bounty.


Bounty Pool


Bounty pool will be divided among various sub-campaigns as follows:

1. 20%  Facebook Bounty

2. 20%  Twitter Bounty

3. 10%  Telegram Bounty

4. 10%  YouTube

5. 10%  Blog/Article

6. 15%  Signature Bounty

7. 5%    Instagram Bounty

8. 10%  Reserve


General Rules


1. First week of the bounty campaign will start on 10/16/2018.

2. We reserve our right to eliminate you if we think you haven't been honest with your work.

3. We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.

4. Follower/Friend number cannot be change while campaign.

5. Using multi-accounts, cheating, using someone else to do the work and spamming or any kind of unethical behavior when participating to one of the campaigns is not allowed and will get you disqualified from all bounties.

6.Reward system may change if we do not reach desired number of participants.


Payment Schedule


At the end of the bounty, we will pay all participants their allocated shares over the course of 5 weeks. The schedule of payments will be 20% each week.

Please go to for details about each sub-campaign.


Join BXB telegram to check the result! 

Welcome to BXB and we are looking forward to your participation!


BXB Team