BXB’s First IEO Project Subscription is on Fire

Dear BXB community:

we launched our first IEO project–imChat–on BXB Turbo today. Demand for subscriptions was overwhelming, by 11:00 (UTC+8), 847,000 USDT worth of subscriptions were sold, 211% of the token sale supply.

BXB Turbo adopts a “Subscription & Allotment” system for token sales. The final subscription allotment and distribution will be done through a lottery system, so while the subscription process may be oversold, users can still participate. The IEO will continue until April 16, 2019 23:59 (UTC+8).


To participate in IMC token sales, simply:

  1. Download and Register (Android or PC)
    1. Search BXB in the Google Play store
    2. Download our PC Client from https://bxb.io/.
  2. Login and purchase IMC_BXB contracts with USDT.
    1. The IMC_BXB contract can be found under the “Option” Panel in the app/client.
    2. Each IMC_BXB contract is worth 8 USDT, and each contract indicates a subscription of 1,000 IMC. Each single account can subscribe up to 100 contracts, a total of 100,000 IMC or 800 USDT worth.
      Note: The corresponding subscription funds will be frozen.


For more details regarding subscription and allotment, please refer to the rules located here: https://bxb.io/first-ieo-imchat-april-9/