BXB Philippines was on fire this past month. From seminars, meetups, tap trading competitions, and college events - our community members were really coming together to trade not just cryptocurrency, but information, tips and some BXB love! 

philippines university event

BXB visited the Eastwoods College Traders Club on the 30th of August to deliver a seminar about the basics of trading and to reconnect with our existing tap traders in the area. BXB is truly committed to making sure that trading is accessible for beginners and to lower the barriers to entry for cryptocurrency trading. We make sure that we're in touch with the young traders around the world and make sure they know where they can get the lowest trading fees out of any cryptocurrency exchange - BXB!  

photo 2019 08 16 16 53 42

We also have a variety of events in the Philippines including massive offline Tap Trading contests and meetups where we provide information about the state of the cryptocurrency market, food, fun and of course, Tap Trading! 

photo 2019 08 25 17 14 35

Sometimes, our community members meet up in their own homes to enjoy a casual evening of easy earnings via Tap Trading.

photo 2019 08 24 13 39 03

And sometimes - people just play Tap Trading in their free time at internet cafes! 

Stay tuned for our next BXB Philippines event whether online or offline and make sure to be following us in our BXB Philippines Telegram Group! https://t.me/BXBPhilippines