System Update Starts at 9 PM

Dear Customers,


We will have another system update from 9 PM to 10 PM (UTC+8) today. At that period, we will be temporarily suspending all registrations, deposits, withdrawals and Tap-Trading to upgrade our systems to better serve our customers. You can still login to trade Futures, Options, Coin-coin Trading and Auto-Trading.


Thanks for understanding.


BXB Team


Dear BXB Clients:


The BXB system will be upgraded from 5:00PM to 5:30PM today (2019/06/14 UTC+8). During the time, Register function will be suspended. All other functions, including trading, withdrawal, deposit, won’t be affected during the whole process.


Thank you for your understanding and support.


BXB Team



Dear BXB Community,


BXB will build strategic partnership with Hashgard Community.



Hashgard is a distributed, trusted asset management protocol and a high functionality next generation digital finance public chain. Hashgard has a large number of business modules, including operational-level on-chain data, advanced versions of asset management autonomous organization, a smart contract system tailored for asset management, able to systematically support the issuance, management, trusteeship, settlement, audit, process control, and dispute arbitration of decentralized assets.


BXB will list the GARD token related trading instruments. GARD_I/USDT trading pair, the GARD index trading instrument, will be launched on June 17th 10:00 (UTC+8). Each GARD_I is equivalent to 100,000 GARD tokens. Perpetual futures and options on GARD_I will also be available soon.


For more about Hashgard, please visit


BXB Team

Dear BXB Clients,


All current options listed on BXB will expire on June 17 at 23:59(UTC+8) and the settlement will be on the June 18.
They are IMC0617C022, BTC0617C8700, BTC0617P7100, ETH0617C250, ETH0617P205, EOS0617C066, BNB0617C027, ZEC0617C077, TRX0617C030, ONT0617C160, NEO0617C132, ATOM0617C045


Settlement Rule:
For Call Options, Payoff = Max[(settlement price – strike), 0]
For Put Options, Payoff = Max[(strike – settlement price ), 0]


New options would be listed on June 18.


Thanks for your support.


BXB Team



Dear BXB clients,


BXB always puts clients’ accounts security as our top priority. Recently, our risk monitoring system has found many highly suspicious activities amongst groups of linked accounts. In order to protect our community and the security of these accounts, we have decided to freeze these accounts indefinitely.


BXB is dedicated to serving every individual and we value every member in BXB community. Please don’t use fake or unqualified KYC documents to register.


Thanks for your support.


BXB Team



Dear BXB Community


We are pleased to share with you that Tap-Trading has aroused great popularity among the community since its launch. In order to provide our customers with a better experience in Tap-Trading, we’d like to announce the mechanism of how we calculate the “Performance Score” shown in the Tap-Trading results page.


How Do We Calculate the Score?


Step 1. Calculation of PNL ratio


a. PNL ratio = Total profit and loss / Max. frozen capital

b. Max. frozen capital =  Max. holding position * price multiple * margin ratio * last price of the contract


Step 2. Calculation of Elasticity parameter:


1. If your trading volume <= 10000

a. Elasticity parameter = trading volume ^ (1/3) * 0.01016 + 0.78

b. trading volume = the sum of orders you placed in each round

2. If your trading volume > 10000

a. Elasticity parameter = 0.9999


Step 3. Calculation of Performance Score


Performance Score = (95/(1+1/exp(0.6*PNL ratio – 0.1))+5) * Elasticity parameter.


In addition, we have updated the way in which we describe your trading performance in the Tap-Trading result page. We have changed “You beat over xx% traders worldwide!” to You get xx score in this round!


Feel free to contact us through our email address: or join our telegram group:


BXB Team




Brief introduction


Tap-Trading combines traditional financial derivative contracts with a gamification experience. Users can enjoy the high leverage and high returns of complex financial derivatives contracts without any professional foundation.


Order quantity selection interface



1. Order selection:Before entering Tap-Trading, you need to select the number of contracts for each order. The different numbers at the right of the interface represent the different USDT amounts you pay for each order. If you want to change the contracts quantity for each order, you have to wait until the next game.
2. USDT Available:Represents the amount of USDT available in the user’s account
3. GO TAP TRADING:Click to enter into the trading interface of Tap-Trading


Transaction interface



1. BUY: If you predict that the price will rise, click BUY to help you build a long position (so that you can profit from the price rise) or close the short position you have already held.

2. SELL:If you predict that the price will fall, click SELL to help you build a short position (so that you can profit from the price fall) or close the long position you have already held.

3. Close All:One click to close all your current positions. The number below represents the quantity of contracts you currently hold. As shown in the picture: You are currently holding 200 long positions of contracts.

4. Tracking target:The contract used in Tap-Trading tracks the trend of the spot price of BTC/USDT, but it has higher volatility than the BTC/USDT market.

5. Winning streak:Count the number of winning streak of your current transactions.

6. Countdown:The total time for each round in Tap-Trading is 5 minutes. When the countdown is 0, you will enter the brief summary interface and you can choose to start a new game.

7. Profit and loss range:The Y-axis represents the profit and loss range. For example, if you create a long position at 10% and sell it at 20%, your net return is 20% – 10% – 4% (4% is the transaction fee. So you have to reach a profit of more than 4% to get a positive net profit) = 6%

8. Buying and selling points:Representing your current position, the long position is green, and the short position is red. Closing position will close the earliest position, and calculate the profit and loss outcome.

9. WIN:represents for the total profit of all triumphs of each game.

10.LOSS:represents for the total losses in this game.

Note:When closing a position, the earliest position will be closed first, and 4% of the transaction fee will be deducted for each profit and loss calculation.

11. Stop Loss Pool:Risk indicator,If the value of Stop Loss Pool is less than or equal to 0, your positions would be forced to close by the system (Stop Loss)


Summary interface



1. Represents the time period of this round.

2. Save/Share:The Save and Share functions require your authorization. After authorizing successfully, you can save the screenshot of this interface, or share the image to your Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms through the Share function.

3. Achievement system:According to your overall performance, we will give you the corresponding Achievements.

4. Transaction statistics:including the number of correct forecasts and wrong forecasts in this round, as well as the total amount of profit and the total amount of loss.

5. Performance ranking:Your ranking of the performance in this round among all the players in the world.

6. Join Next Game:Click to enter the next Tap-Trading round.




1. The contract for the Tap-trading transaction is the leveraged futures of BTC (LFBTC), a standard financial contract product, the tracking target of which is the BTC Spot Index. In addition, LFBTC has the following characteristics:

a. 100X Leverage: LFBTC has 100 times leverage, which means you can hold a LFBTC contract (worth 100 USDT) for only 1 USDT.

b. High volatility: The theoretical fluctuation range of LFBTC is 5 times that of BTC spot, which means when the spot price increases by 1%, the LFBTC will increase by about 5% theoretically. However, due to the unbalanced short-term supply and demand of contracts in the actual trading process, the short-term price trend of LFBTC will deviate from spot prices, which is common. When it comes to the long run, the fluctuation range of LFBTC is 5 times that of BTC spot.

c. Five minutes for every round: LFBTC will be traded in rounds, every round will last 5 minutes with 10 seconds for settlement

2. The Tap-trading Contract will be traded in rounds, every round will last 5 minutes with 10 seconds for settlement. At the end of each round, all remaining open positions would be closed and settled using close price of the round as the settlement price. If you have open positions, we will calculate your Unrealized P&L by the equation Positions*(Settlement Price – Open Price) . If your Unrealized P&L>0, you would receive the profit, if your Unrealized P&L<0, you would be deducted corresponding amount of funds.

3. The unilateral transaction fee for Tap-trading Contract is 2% of your transaction amount and the fee is paid in BXT.

4. When Tap-trading Contract is moving against your position direction, your Stop Loss Pool would decrease. If the value of Stop Loss Pool is less than or equal to 0, your positions would be forced to close by the system (Stop Loss).

Dear BXB Community:


Good news! We have updated our iOS beta version. Now all of our iOS customers can download our application and start trading!  (Existing iOS users should download this latest version manually, otherwise, you won’t be able to receive any further updates). We will keep improving our iOS platform and any suggestions of perfecting our product is welcomed.


Meanwhile, we are happy to announce that our Tap-Trading and Auto-Trading functions will soon be listed on iOS platform as well.


Feel free to contact us and give us your precious advice.


Our email address: or Join our telegram group:


The following is the link for downloading our ios application

1.Open this link on your phone and follow the steps inside


2.Or you can simply use your phone camera to scan this QR code and open the link in your Safari



Thank you for your understanding and support.


BXB Team



Dear Friends:


Welcome aboard on BXB. BXB is an exchange with the vision to enable all small and micro investors to participate in digital asset transactions and make the experience more fair and convenient, while also sharing the dividends generated by the growth of the platform.


BXB is now expanding and we are glad to announce that

From June 3rd, every newly registered account will RECEIVE 10 USDT immediately!


Feel free to try our revolutionary products with the funds and cash out any time! Enjoy crypto trading journey at BXB!

We would like to ask you to invite friends to join BXB!


1. The withdrawal fee is also adjusted.
2. The ultimate power of interpretation of this activity shall be vested in BXB.


BXB Team



Dear BXB Community:


We are glad to announce the launch of BBP (Bug Bounty Program), that BXB would give BXT to users who find new bugs of our products.


The core value of BXB is to let the whole community grow with BXB, and we will reward community with BXT for their contribution. Just like auto-trading is the mechanism rewarding contribution to exchange liquidity, BBP is how BXB reward contributors for improving our product’s user experience.


How to Participate in BBP?


1. Users can submit bugs of mobile app, PC Client and any other products to our customer service in our telegram group : After the evaluation from BXB tech team, users will be rewarded certain amount of BXT.
2. Depending on the severity, the BXT rewarded can range from 10 BXT to 10000 BXT.
3. If more than one users submit the same bug, we would only reward the first who submits.


(Notice: The ultimate power of interpretation of this program shall be vested in BXB)


BXB Team