Dear BXB Community,


The Gard futures and options contracts have now been launched on BXB!


FGARD_I: Up to 10x leverage, 0.025% unilateral transaction fee

GARD_I0715C075:  Call option with 1 GARD_I as underlying, strike price of 7.5 USDT, expiry date on 7/15

You can find FGARD_I under Futures panel and GARD_I0715C075 under Options panel of BXB app.


We also have 2 upcoming AMAs for BXB & Hashgard!


1. BXB AMA Session


Speaker: BXB CEO, Kwun

Time: July 3, 8 PM - 9 PM (UTC+8)

Location: Hashgard Telegram


2. Hashgard AMA Session

Speaker: Hashgard Co-founder, Tom Huang.

Time: July 4, 8 PM - 9 PM (UTC+8)

Location: BXB Telegram:


Feel free to join us!


BXB Team