Our Team

  • Kwun Phite Consunji Lock

    CEO Power and New Energy at DMCI
    Portfolio Management at Russel Linkedin
  • Chloe Li

    CMO Market and Commercial Sales at Michelin Investment Linkedin
  • Jerome Ubando

    Head of Global Operations Partner at London Outsourced Linkedin
  • Steven Shi

    CTO Senior Trading System Architect at SHFE Shanghai Futures Exchange

Our Offices

  • Estonia

  • Philippines

  • Hongkong

Our Mission

BXB Exchange aims to provides people with professional tools that are clean, sleek, and easy to use. Our offerings include a unique seconds-based leveraged trading that is gamified, as well as traditional options and futures trading. We also offer a powerful programs based trading tool that allows non-program traders to compile and formulate their own individual strategies to master the market.

Our developer teams include giants in the tech & finance industry, including the former core architect of the Shanghai Futures Exchange. We work tirelessly to construct and implement the algorithms that transform over complicated charts and graphs into straightforward, meaningful features.

Our customer service is 24 hours, 7 days a week which means that our communities can expect a level of care that is helpful, genuine, fast, and far beyond that of other cryptocurrency exchange platforms in existence today.

We are focused on communities. Not only is BXB committed to making trading accessible to the average person and the retail trader, we have taken tangible steps to keep institutional and professional traders from ‘sharking’ across our product platforms. We really believe in delivering the incredible potential of crypto currency markets to the masses.

Crypto currency exchanges are, currently and in the future, promising to be the world’s most significant trading market. BXB exchange is adamant that the world’s biggest market should be open and friendly to the worlds’ biggest audience – the general population.


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