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    • Step-by-step Instructions
    • Fun and Easy-To-Use Interface
    • Earn from both upwards & downwards trends in the market
    • No Sharks or Corporate Traders Allowed!
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    • Leveraged trading with your Favorite Coins
    • Highest leverage for BTC contracts in the market (500x)
    • Fastest order speeds on the market
    • Comprehensive product range including Options, Futures, Stack Trading, and Tap Trading
    • The only platform displaying seconds-based real-time market trend lines
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Our Products

Tap Trading presents traditional financial derivative contracts on an easy to understand and easy to use interface. Users can enjoy the high leverage and high returns of complex financial derivatives contracts without any professional foundation.

The BXB Exchange Auto Trading client is simple and clear to understand with no programming knowledge or development experience required. We provide small individual traders with a low capital, no technical threshold to trade mining.

Trading quota is allocated to every eligible account and all investors play by the same rules, no matter how small or big. We combine the mechanism of trading quotas with other products as a market incentive.

Our KYC Mechanisms do not allow professional institutions to obtain more benefits by registering multiple accounts.

Stack Trading allows individual investors to achieve the same investment capabilities that only professional institutional investors have in the traditional markets. By combining different algorithms and ‘stacking’ them, users can develop and execute complicated strategies.

Our Futures & Options trading platform is simple and easy-to-follow with guided instructions making it easy to trade options and futures like a pro.

Our main options products are BTC and ETH monthly options, both Put and Call. We also provide customers with different crypto currencies options, as well as multiple types of options contracts.

Our all-in-one coin-to-coin trading platform ensures high liquidity by underpinning our systems with only the most capable and experienced market makers.

Holders of BXT (our token) will have opportunities to help shape not just the exchange, but the BXB ecosystem.

BXB Around the World

A whole team of BXB exchange members flew to Barcelona, Spain, to participate in the Barcelona Trading Conference. We had the chance to meet with some of the world’s best tech and innovation minds

BXB Exchange went to visit our family in the Philippines for community party with our affiliates, traders, & friends! Our CMO, CEO and Head of Operations spent an evening filled with

BXB exchange went to meet our community members at the annual Malta Blockchain & AI Summit. Often called the blockchain island or blockchain paradise.

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