Leveraged Trading with Protection

  • Stop Loss

    Limit your loss on leveraged products easily by tapping buy/sell & setting the stop loss function

  • Position Limit

    Choose your own position limits to control overall risks

  • 5 Mins Settlement

    Avoid the huge risk of long-term leverage products with automated settlements every 5 minutes

  • Option Protection

    Buy Options to protect yourself from the risk of leveraged futures

Experience the profits that leveraged products bring you, let us help control the risk.

BXB For Everyone


    • The easiest way to place a trade and the most fun you will have trading; simply tap to trade
    • Easy to follow guides to help you every step of the way
    • A fair trading environment; no institutional or professional traders
    • Educational tutorials and live events for more personalized help in your trading journey
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    • Leverage trading with your favorite alt-coins on options and futures
    • Fastest trade execution in the market
    • Deep, real liquidity for trading pairs and one of the lowest spreads in the market
    • Seconds-level market trends to quickly capture trends
    • Providing the highest leverage in the market, up to 500x
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